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001 avmolOPAC2008-34594
080 $a303.375
100 $aScott-Smith, Giles, 1968-
245 $aWestern anti-communism and the Interdoc Network $bCold War Internationale $cGiles Scott Smith
260 $aBasingstoke $bPalgrave Macmillan $c2012
300 $axvi, 356 s., [30] s. tabl. $bil. $c23 cm
440 $aPalgrave Macmillan transnational history series
500 $aIncludes bibliographical references and index. - Introduction: The Communist Challenge -- Anti-Communism and PsyWar in the 1950s -- Building the Network -- A Dutch-German Cabal -- The European Web -- East-West Engagement and Interdoc Youth -- The Fallout from Ostpolitik -- Bringing the Americans Back In -- Interdoc Reconfigures - The 1970s and Detente -- Conclusion: Assessing the Legacy
520 $a"Interdoc was established in 1963 by Western intelligence services as a multinational effort to coordinate an anti-communist offensive. Based in The Hague in the Netherlands, Interdoc sought to link up with allies across Western Europe, North America and beyond to become the central point through which anti-communism - ranging from propaganda to covert action - could be organised. Drawing on exclusive sources, never-before-released material, and the memories of its participants, this book charts Interdoc's remarkable campaign, the people and ideas that lay behind it, and its rise and fall during the Cold War."--Publisher's website
650 $aZimna wojna $xantykomunizm $xhistoria
650 $aAntykomunizm $xhistoria $x20 w
650 $aPropaganda antykomunistyczna
920 $a9780230221260. - 0230221262
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